Why Did Shepherd Smith Leave Fox News?

Why did Shepherd Smith leave Fox News? Many are speculating that it was due to his disagreements with the network’s coverage of President Donald Trump.

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Shepard Smith, the longtime Fox News anchor and managing editor of the network’s breaking news unit, has left the company.

The move comes after more than two decades at Fox News, during which he established himself as one of the network’s most prominent on-air personalities.

In recent years, however, he had been increasingly critical of President Donald Trump and his administration, a rare stance for a Fox News host.

Here’s a look at why Shepherd Smith decided to leave Fox News.

Theories about why Shepherd Smith left Fox News

On October 11th, 2019, Fox News host Shepherd Smith announed his leave from the network. This came as a shock to many, as Smith had been with Fox News since it’s creation in 1996. There are many theories as to why Shepherd Smith decided to leave the network.

He was pushed out

Theories abound as to why Shepherd Smith decided to leave Fox News after 23 years with the network. The most popular theory is that he was pushed out by the network’s management. This theory is supported by the fact that Fox News made a point of announce Smith’s departure on the same day that they announced a new prime-time lineup that did not include his show.

He quit

There are many theories about why Shepherd Smith chose to leave Fox News, but the most likely explanation is that he simply decided to quit. While there are many possible reasons why he may have made this decision, it is most likely that he was simply ready to move on from Fox News.

It is also possible that Shepherd Smith was dissatisfied with the direction of Fox News. In recent years, the network has been increasingly embracing right-wing and conservative viewpoints, and Shepherd Smith may have felt that this was not in line with his own beliefs. Additionally, Fox News has been embroiled in several scandals in recent years, and Shepherd Smith may have felt that he could no longer work for a network that was facing so many controversies.

Whatever the reasons for his departure, Shepherd Smith’s departure from Fox News is sure to have a significant impact on the network. Shepherd Smith was one of the few remaining voices of reason at Fox News, and his absence will likely make the network even more conservative and right-wing than it already is.

The impact of Shepherd Smith leaving Fox News

Shepherd Smith was one of the original Fox News anchors, and his departure leaves a big hole at the network. Smith was known for his even-keeled approach to reporting, and he will be missed by viewers. With the 2020 presidential election heating up, Fox News will need to find a replacement quickly.

On Fox News

Shepherd Smith had been a fixture on Fox News for 23 years, serving as a news anchor and host of various programs. In October 2019, he unexpectedly announced his departure from the network.

Many Fox News viewers were shocked and saddened by Shepherd Smith’s departure. He was a popular figure on the network and was known for his even-handed approach to reporting the news.

There has been speculation about why Shepherd Smith decided to leave Fox News. Some believe that he was tired of the network’s right-wing tilt, while others think that he may have been pushed out by Fox News executives. Whatever the reason, Shepherd Smith’s departure is a big loss for Fox News.

On the media landscape

Shepherd Smith’s departure from Fox News is a blow to the right-leaning network, which has long been a reliable source of support for president Donald Trump. But it’s also a sign of how much the media landscape has changed in the past few years.

Smith was one of the few remaining anchors at Fox News who could be considered a moderate voice on the network. His departure leaves Fox News with an even more right-wing slant, which is likely to please the network’s conservative fanbase but alienate more moderate viewers.

It’s also a sign that the days when there was a clear divide between left- and right-leaning news networks are over. In the past, Fox News was seen as the voice of conservative America, while MSNBC leaned more to the left. But these days, both networks have become increasingly partisan, with MSNBC becoming more liberal and Fox News becoming more conservative.

This shift has been driven in part by the rise of social media, which has allowed people to consume news from a wider range of sources than ever before. And it’s been accelerated by the election of Donald Trump, who has demonstrates enmity towards any news outlet that he perceive as being critical of him.

In this environment, it’s becoming harder and harder for any one network to be seen as impartial. And that’s likely to have an impact on how people consume news in the future.


In conclusion, we do not know for certain why Shepherd Smith decided to leave Fox News. However, there are several possible explanations. It is possible that he was tired of the Trump-supporting environment at Fox News, or that he wanted to move on to a new challenge. Whatever the reason, we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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