What Happened To Channel 2 Morning News Anchors?

Similarly, What happened to DeMarco on Channel 2 news?

Comments Off on Ap. Desk Demarco Morgan is leaving CBS News to embark on a brand-new chapter in his life. Find out more about the journalist who dedicated his life to journalism. DeMarco Morgan, an American broadcaster, is well-known for his appearance on the CBS group’s daily morning newscasts.

Also, it is asked, Who is leaving KCRA news?

Kay Recede, a reporter for KCRA, announced her retirement after 11 years in the industry. It wasn’t an easy choice for her, but “it’s time for a new chapter,” she said on social media.

Secondly, What happened to the CBS morning host?

CBS The Morning will have a few hosting changes, according to an announcement made in August. On August 26, he stepped down as a host. One of the changes is Mason’s shift to cultural reporting, with former NFL player Nate Burleson taking his position as co-host.

Also, Is CBS This Morning changing anchors?

Tony Dokoupil, left, Gayle King, and Nate Burleson, co-hosts of “CBS Mornings,” at the program’s new Times Square studio.

People also ask, Where did Ty Steele go?

Ty Steele has been elevated to nightly anchor for NBC station KCRA in Sacramento, California.

Related Questions and Answers

Where did Melanie Hunter go?

Melanie Hunter is the new morning traffic anchor at KCRA. Melanie spent three years with the NBC station KVOA in Tucson, Arizona, before heading to Sacramento. Her main work was as a traffic reporter and anchor. She also served as a weather and news anchor on occasion.

What happened to Eddie Lambert KCRA?

Lambert and her husband, Lloyd E. Levine, who she married in September, now live in Sacramento with their two children. On a trip from Seattle to Sacramento in November 2005, Lambert and Levine, who was then the Assemblymember for California’s 40th Assembly District, met.

Did Eileen Javora return to KCRA?

On Friday morning, KCRA 3 First Alert Meteorologist Eileen Javora rejoins the KCRA 3 News crew. Eileen and her husband welcomed daughter Hazel into their family earlier this year. During her maternity leave, Eileen sent the photographs below to her KCRA 3 Facebook page.

Who is the new anchor on KCRA?

Ariel Roblin, President and General Manager of KCRA 3/My58, remarked, “We’re happy to welcome Mike Cherry to the KCRA 3/My58 Family.” “His dedication to journalism and track record of success will be a valuable gift to our community.”

Where is Anthony Mason going?

Co-anchor Anthony Mason will leave the morning program to join CBS News as a cultural reporter, while former NFL player and Good Morning Football and NFL Today commentator Nate Burleson will take his place at the table.

How old is Michelle Miller?

54 years old (Decem) Age / Michelle Miller

Is Gayle King still on CBS Mornings?

Gayle King is a CBS This Morning co-host. King, a veteran television journalist, conducts interviews with prominent figures in the news and contributes original reporting to CBS This Morning and other CBS News programs and platforms. She is also the award-winning O, the Oprah Magazine’s editor-at-large.

Where is Erin Kennedy CBS?

Kennedy recently revealed to Elite Street that she and her husband had relocated to Minnesota in order to be closer to his family. She also made the decision to quit the broadcast sector due to its instability.

Where is Gulstan Dart?

Gulstan Dart, an award-winning journalist, joins KCRA 3 from KIRO-TV in Seattle, where he has been anchoring the morning and lunchtime newscasts since 2003.

Where is Melanie Johnson going?

Melanie Johnson joined the KMOV News Team in April 2022 as an Anchor/Reporter. She is thrilled to be a resident of the Gateway City.

How Old Is Eddie Lambert?

53 years old (Novem.) Edie Lambert / Edie Lambert / Edie Lambert / Edie Lambert

Who is Edie Lambert married to?

Lloyd E. Levine, Ph.D. Edie Lambert is a wife (m. 2008) Lloyd Edward Levine is a Democratic politician who served in the California State Assembly for the 40th District from December to November.

Is Eileen Javora back on KCRA news 2021?

Eileen Javora is returning to the KCRA 3 News crew after maternity leave, according to Hearst-owned NBC station KCRA Sacramento, Calif. (DMA 20). Beginning December 1, Javora will resume her work as a meteorologist, joining the weekend news crew.

Who is Kellie DeMarco?

DeMarco began her television career in Colorado twenty years ago. She worked as a morning news anchor for Colorado Springs’ KRDO and Grand Junction’s KJCT. In 2007, she moved to KWGN in Denver to host the nightly broadcast. She was recruited as an anchor and reporter at Sacramento NBC station KCRA a few years later.

How much do KCRA news anchors make?

News anchor base salaries at firms like KCRA-TV vary from $35,620 to $58,567, with an average of $44,412. Total cash remuneration, including bonuses and yearly incentives, ranges from $35,865 to $58,882, with an average of $44,677.

How much do KCRA reporters make?

In firms like KCRA-TV, the typical hourly salary for a News Anchor is from $17 to $28, with an average hourly pay of $21. Total hourly cash remuneration, which includes both base and short-term incentives, may range from $17 to $28, with an average of $21.

What does KCRA 3 stand for?

Acronym. KCRA is the abbreviation for Kansas City Radio and Television Authority. KCRA stands for Kern County Racing Association (California).

Did Eileen Javora have a baby?

Eileen Javora, a meteorologist with KCRA 3 First Alert, gave birth to a baby girl early Tuesday morning. Hazel is 7 pounds and 5 ounces in weight. Javora and her spouse claim to be overjoyed.

Did Anthony Mason go to jail?

After being arraigned in Queens Criminal Court on accusations of statutory rape, sexual abuse, and endangering the welfare of a minor, Anthony Mason was freed on $20,000 bond Friday night. Mason’s counsel categorically disputed that he had done anything unlawful after that.

Is Anthony Mason married?

1986–1990: Amy Dickinson Unhoch, Christina Anne

How old is Jeff Glor?

46 years old (J.) Age / Jeff Glor

How old is Gayle King?

67 years old (Decem.) Gayle King / Gayle King / Gayle King / Gayle King


The “cbs morning news anchors fired” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is that the Morning News Anchors have moved to CBSN, and Channel 2 will still be airing the same shows.

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