How Old Is Patrice Wood From Channel 10 News?

Similarly, Who is Patrice Wood husband?

Paul Pabis is a well-known figure in the world

Also, it is asked, What is Lindsay iadeluca doing now?

Lindsay Iadeluca is a broadcast journalist with the NBC10 WJAR morning crew in Rhode Island. She also co-hosts “Studio 10,” a lifestyle program that airs weekdays at 12:30 p.m. on NBC 10 in Rhode Island.

Secondly, Where is Anthony Macari now?

At WJAR in Rhode Island, I work as a digital weather producer and meteorologist.

Also, Was Lindsay Iadeluca fired from Channel 10?

At NBC 10, we’re saying our goodbyes to reporter and Studio 10 anchor Lindsay Iadeluca. Lindsay, who has worked with NBC 10 for roughly four years, is moving on to a new position, although she will remain in the area.

People also ask, Who left Channel 10 news in RI?

Kelly Bates, whose resignation from Channel 10 provoked controversy in Rhode Island, has moved to Channel 6.

Related Questions and Answers

Who is leaving WJAR 10?

Following the NBC 10 exit, Kelly Bates claims that television news is “unequivocally unjust” to women. Following her resignation from Rhode Island station WJAR-10, meteorologist Kelly Bates has called the television news profession “unequivocally unjust” to women.

Where is Pamela Gardner?

Pamela Gardner joins NBC10 Boston and NECN in December 2018 and can be seen daily at 11 a.m. on NBC, weather portions at 4 and 5 p.m. on NBC, and afternoons and evenings on NECN. Gardner formerly worked at WBZ-TV and appeared on a number of national shows, including the CBS Evening News.

What happened Tammie Souza?

Decem was her final day at WCAU. She started stepping in for vacationing regulars at CBS3 in Philadelphia in January 2020 for what is anticipated to be a temporary run. She started a short stint filling in at WBBM-TV CBS2 in Chicago in August 2020. She’ll continue to fill in at CBS3 in Philadelphia.

How many children does Tony Petrarca have?

three youngsters

What size is Lindsay Iadeluca?

8/10 in size

Who is Lindsay Iadeluca?

Lindsay Iadeluca is the Development Director for the American Heart Association’s Heart Ball.

What happen to Kelly Bates?

@KellyBatesRI, a former Channel 10 meteorologist, is currently the weekend meteorologist at ABC6 in Providence.

Where did Kelly Bates go?

Kelly Bates, a North Attleboro native, has quit her lengthy career as a TV meteorologist at Channel 10 in Rhode Island, and her departure has sparked a firestorm. Following a contract disagreement, Bates, 49, a Bishop Feehan alumnus who now resides in Coventry, R.I., left the Rhode Island NBC station.

Who is Parker Gavigan married to?


Where is Kate Bilo?

In October of 2010, Chief Meteorologist Kate Bilo joined the Eyewitness News weather team on CBS 3 and The CW Philly. Bilo, a Phoenixville native, returned to the Delaware Valley after working as a meteorologist at AccuWeather in State College, Pennsylvania, since 2004.

Did the weather girl have her baby?

Rebecca Schuld, 42, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, thrilled viewers by giving the CBS 58 News prediction while carrying her three-month-old baby in her arms. Ms Schuld has been working from home since her maternity leave ended due to coronavirus-related constraints, according to the Daily Mail.

Where did Megan Glaros go?

Due to corporate reorganization, Glaros and other CBS staff were laid off on. On Ap., Glaros was replaced by Laura Bannon, a new CBS 2 weekday morning meteorologist. During the week of November, Glaros featured as a meteorologist on CBS Mornings.

How old is Hurricane Schwartz?

70 years old (J.) / Glenn Schwartz / Glenn Schwartz / Glenn Schwartz / Glen

Where is Llarisa Abreu from?

San Diego’s KNSD

What happened to Shannon Hegy?

He heroically battled the potentially fatal illness for ten weeks in the hospital. Shannon told 12 News viewers “Carter’s Story” to raise awareness about bacterial meningitis and urge other parents to believe their intuition. Carter, thankfully, made a complete recovery with no long-term consequences.

Where did Kelly Jo Bates go to college?

Kelly Jo met Gil Bates while attending Anderson College.

Did Brittney leave NBC10?

Brittney Shipp is leaving the NBC10 First Alert Weather team after three years and embarking on a new adventure in San Francisco. We will all miss her terribly here at NBC10, but we wish her the best of luck. Brittney, farewell!

Who is chief meteorologist at NBC10?

Tammie Souza, chief meteorologist for NBC10, has the specifics in your complete 10-day forecast.

Who is Karen Rogers married to?

Kevin Rogers (Kevin Rogers) Karen Rogers / Husband

How old is Cecily Tynan?

53 years old (Ma.) / Cecily Tynan / / / / / / / /

Who is Cindy Fitzgibbons?

Cindy Fitzgibbon is the EyeOpener and Midday Meteorologist for NewsCenter 5. Cindy joined WCVB’s StormTeam 5 in April 2013, but she’s been ‘waking up’ Boston for almost 15 years with her prediction!

Who is Gene Lavanchy married to?

Marie Lavanchy / SpouseGene Lavanchy

What happened to Josh Nichols meteorologist?

Starting next week, Josh Nichols, a seasoned meteorologist who has worked for two separate TV stations and three radio stations in Rochester, will be on the air at WKBW. Nichols will work part-time until June, according to News Director Aaron Mason, since he still has freelancing responsibilities with WBZ in Boston.

Did Danielle Niles have a baby?

Danielle Niles, a meteorologist, gave birth to a baby girl on Friday morning. Everyone is doing very well. Alexandra Grace Noyes arrived on the scene at 1:43 a.m. She measured 20.5 inches in length and weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces.


Patrice Wood is a news anchor on Channel 10 News. She has been working for the station since 2003, and she is near London.

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